Louis-Étienne Vallée

Animation Work


I have worked for various Animation studios over the years, such as DHX, Bardel, Ankama Animations, Titmouse, and Xilam. 

PayPal - Unbelievable story

The mishap of online shopping - An unbelievable story from PayPal. Client: Ultra Super New AD: David Robert

Muji idents

This was a self-initiated project-pitch with the goal to approach Muji with.

I animated the indents from an illustrated project by Andrew Joyce (http://doodlesandstuff.com) for Muji UK. 

Project link: https://www.behance.net/gallery/45384029/MUJI

Demo Reel 2014

Dofus by Ankama Animations
Hubert and Takako by Xilam

Demo reel 2012

Wakfu at Ankama Animations

Demo Reel 2008 - Backgrounds

Cartoon Salons' Skunk-Fu backgrounds in Adobe Flash.

Demo Reel 2008

Chaotic Show at Bardel Studios by 4kids Fox Entertainment

The Gift - Student film

Student film from Vancouver Film School